Q: What is Rainwater Harvesting?

  • Rainwater harvesting is a way of saving the rainwater which would normally flow off a roof and down the drain, and using it as piped water to flush toilets and for the garden watering, yard washdown, vehicle and car washing, instead of treated drinking (potable) water.


Q: Is rainwater harvesting suitable for work as well as at home?

  • Yes, in schools, hospitals, offices, commercial premises, rainwater can typically be used for toilets, vehicle washing, yard washdown and watering plant pots/gardens.


Q: Is Rainwater Harvesting a new idea?

  • No, collection re-use of rainwater from roofs can be traced back thousands of years in hot, dry countries around the Mediterranean. In continental Europe, some 100,000 are installed annually; Germany has been using and refining the technology since the early 80s.


Q: Are your tanks sanitized?

  • All tanks both food grade and non food grade are rinsed and sanitized with a high chlorine content water solution.


Q: Are used plastic containers safe for water storage?

  • Yes, if you purchase a food grade container. You must periodically add 1/8th teaspoon per gallon of unscented chlorine bleach to the water to ensure long term storage of water is kept drinkable. It is a good idea to rotate your water storage every six months.


Q: Do you design custom configurations?

  • Yes, we design single and multiple barrel and tank designs for your needs. They can be portable battery configurations with or without solar panels and AC pumps for permanent locations.


Q: How much water should I store for my family, for Emergency Preparedness?

  • One gallon per person per day is typical. More of course if you wish to use the water for more than just drinking. We can design systems with pumps that can back feed into your existing home water supply.


Q: Do you deliver?

  • Yes, additional costs apply.